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"Ghetto Pigeons" began as just a fun hobby -- and a bit of a joke. We kid around because our birds aren't fancy, high-dollar, power-pedigree homers. We bought a few modestly-priced (OK, cheap trash) racing pigeons to dabble and learn about the sport of racing pigeons with, and promptly dubbed them "Ghetto Pigeons". We don't need no stinkin' pedigrees -- we just want to have fun.

We never dreamed that our trashy pigeons would shine, rise to the challenge and begin winning races -- lots of races. While it's still a little early to predict, some of our Ghetto Pigeons show promise of possibly even becoming champions in the near future.

So it came to pass that the Ghetto Pigeons needed their own website where we could record their racing results and brag about their victories. So you'll see racing results posted here as they occur throughout the season.

But we didn't want just another everyday, garden-variety, ho-hum, boring old racing pigeon website. No matter how well our birds fly and finish, it's still got to be fun for us. And that goes for the website, too. If it's not fun -- why bother?

For that reason, you'll find all sorts of surprises here that we can guarantee you'll never see on anybody else's racing pigeon pages.

So visit us often, poke around all of the pages, and jump right to join us in the Blog -- just hang out and have some FUN with us. We add new material regularly, and we're always open to your ideas for making site even more fun!
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