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Classic Racing Homing Pigeons

Homing pigeons, -- many of us fondly refer to them as "Homers" -- are best known for their homing abilities. Racing enthusiasts take the birds from their home coops and transport them to locations often hundreds of miles away. The pigeons are released, and then (usually) electronically timed until they arrive back home. Methods of timing arrivals can vary between individual racing clubs.

Pigeons kept in captivity can live up to 15-20 years. These are specially bred and trained pigeons descended from a centuries-old line of proven homers. All pigeons have some ability to home, but these birds have this trait especially enhanced though breeding and training.

These birds are usually "banded", meaning that there is a small, lightweight band secured around one leg which contains identification data about that bird and its owner. Should you find a banded pigeon wandering around your yard, the chances are very good that it's a racing homer just taking a break before continuing its flight home.

They All Start Off Like This...

But When They Grow Up ... They're Homers!!!

These Are Some Exquisitely Bred Pedigreed Homing Pigeons...

Those Birds -- EVERY Single One of Them -- is "Purebred," and Has Its Very Own "PEDIGREE"

But They Ain't OURS, and We Don't CARE, Because